Warranty Information

Lifetime Warranty

At Shopmoissy, we pride ourselves on using only top-quality gemstones and expert craftsmanship to create unique, ethical, and affordable pieces designed to last a lifetime. Our confidence in these creations is reflected in the limited Lifetime Warranty we offer on all engagement and ceremonial items.

This warranty covers the craftsmanship of the ring under normal usage and the optical properties of the moissanite stone. If your ring requires assessment under these terms, please contact us for an evaluation. Note that any signs of improper care, like misshapen settings, will result in repair costs being your responsibility.

While moissanite is incredibly durable, it's important to remember that like all gemstones, it is not invulnerable to damage under certain conditions.

What Is Covered Under Our Lifetime Warranty

Issues related to craftsmanship, such as unstable settings or imperfect metal finishes, are rare. However, should any such problems occur, they typically become apparent within the initial weeks of wear. ShopMoissy commits to repairing or replacing your piece at no cost if these are due to craftsmanship flaws. In such cases, we will also cover the postage costs for the return of the jewelry (though customers may opt for additional postage insurance at their own expense).

Furthermore, in the rare instance that there are changes in the optical properties (including clarity, color, fire, luster, and brilliance) of your Eternal Brilliance Moissanite Gemstones, these are also covered under our warranty.

What Is Not Covered Under Our Lifetime Warranty

Evidence of normal wear and tear, like scratches on the metal.

Damage due to improper use or lack of care, such as corrosion of the metal, deformed settings, or discoloration, as well as cracked or chipped stones.

Stones lost due to damage or wear and tear that wasn't promptly addressed upon discovery.

The loss or theft of your jewelry.

Any repairs, maintenance, or alterations done by a jeweler other than ShopMoissy (unless specifically approved by our team under exceptional circumstances) will invalidate your Lifetime Warranty.

This warranty is exclusive to the original buyer and cannot be transferred.

Returns and Exchanges

Custom Designs are not eligible for refunds, credits, or exchanges at ShopMoissy.

For all other catalog jewelry, we provide a 30-day window for exchanges or refunds. This applies only if the jewelry remains unworn and in the same condition at the time of purchase.

ShopMoissy holds the discretion to deny a refund or exchange if:

The item shows signs of wear and usage.

It is a unique, custom-made piece.

The return reason is unrelated to quality.

The quality issue is minor and can be corrected by our jewelers.

There's evidence suggesting the product was misused or deliberately damaged by the customer.

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