How Are Moissanite Made?

How Are Moissanite Made?

Moissanite is mostly created in labs for jewelry. Here's how:

  1. Starting Material: They use silicon carbide, a compound of silicon and carbon.

  2. Growing Crystals: The silicon carbide is subjected to high pressure and temperature, or it's deposited layer by layer in a gas chamber. This creates large crystals with a hexagonal structure, similar to natural moissanite.

  3. Cutting and Shaping: Skilled cutters shape the crystals to make them shiny and sparkly. They're designed to look like diamonds.

  4. Quality Check: The moissanite goes through tests to make sure it meets standards for color, clarity, and cut. Some get certified by gemological labs.

  5. Setting in Jewelry: After passing quality checks, the moissanite gems are placed in jewelry like rings or earrings.

So, lab-created moissanite is made to be a beautiful and durable alternative to diamonds in jewelry.

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